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About Steve Davey

Although he is now getting old and his beard (when unshaven) is going grey and makes him resemble a badger, Steve Davey is insanely optimistic and believes that the best of life is always in front of him. A writer and photographer who has recently relocated from London to Somerset, Steve has turned his day job into a way of life. He travels compulsively and is in love with the chaos of being on the road. A self-confessed crap sightseer, he is more interested in how places work and often how they don’t, than visiting monuments and museums. He would also rather be told he resembles Jean Reno than a badger and is working on immoral ways to use this to his own advantage.


Steve’s work has appeared in magazines, books and newspapers all over the world. He is the author and principal photographer of Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die published by BBC Books. This bestselling title has sold over 300,000 copies and has some 30 co-editions around the world. A second title Unforgettable Islands to Escape to Before You Die, was published in 2007, and involved Steve catching 99 flights in a year and flying the equivalent of over seven times around the world.


2013 saw Steve publish two books; Around the World in 500 Festivals (Kuperard, 2013) and a second edition of Footprint Travel Photography. To complement the first edition of this book, Steve launched a unique series of travel photography tours and London courses.


Steve accompanies all of the tours providing his unique blend of tailored tuition, encouragement and boundless enthusiasm. Forthcoming destinations can be found here.



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