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Commercial photography

Outside of his travel and editorial work, Steve has undertaken a variety of commissions for a range of clients, including design agencies, PR consultants, TV Production companies and corporate clients. Blending creativity with technical excellence, Steve can tackle almost any studio or location scenario. Scroll down this page to see the sort of work that he can undertake for you, or your clients. Obviously some of his work is commercially confidential, but some of what we can show you is below. To see these images as a gallery, click here.


Steve has photographed in a number of Michelin starred kitchens and restaurants, which are particularly highly charged environments

Commercially, Steve has photographed in a range of high-intensity and often cramped environments. He is used to shooting discretely and unobtrusively: coming away with natural and evocative pictures of any situation or event.

This has included including film and TV studios, conferences, exhibition openings, educational establishments and even Egyptian tombs.

Steve is adept at shooting with available light - especially artificial light at low levels - meaning that he can take whatever pictures you need without using intrusive lighting equipment.

If required, Steve can command and direct a situation too, art-directing shoots and organising, motivating and posing people for images. An experienced photojournalist, he can research, interview and even write stories should that be required.

If appropriate though, Steve can supplement available light with discrete reflectors, small portable lighting units as well as a full-sized flash kit. This range of lighting can be used in a any location, office or studio environment.


This can include both studio and location portraits, as well as portraits shot in your premises with a full lighting kit - giving you the creativity and flexibility of being photographed in a studio but without having to take the time out to travel anywhere.

Steve is currently renovating a Victorian coach house to accommodate his expanding business. This already houses a tabletop studio for product or even food photography, and will soon be expanded to house a larger studio space.

As well as lighting, Steve has mastered a range of vital technical skills to ensure the perfect images for your project, including focus-stacking for maximising depth of field, drone photography, and even astro photography.

Steve has earned a reputation for being able to work discretely and independently, and for researching and organising shoots at short notice. If required, he can turn any images around to suit your deadlines – supplying finished images whilst still on location, to meet demanding press deadlines. He has a comprehensive range of equipment and full public liability insurance.


Steve is currently based in South Somerset, but travels regularly to London and all over the United Kingdom and beyond. To date he has photographed in over 90 countries, and travel anywhere is a welcome challenge for him.

To discuss any needs you have for any form of commercial work, please contact him on


Offering a full digital service, Steve is skilled at post-processing, enabling him to enhance images, correct distortions, deal with colour casts from mixed lighting sources and carry out any necessary retouching.

Photographs can be optimised to suit whatever output you need, from colour-managed digital pre-press through to social media formats and resolutions.


Stylistically, photographs can be post-processed naturally or to any more contemporary styles to stand out on social media. Images can even be converted to black and white.