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Svalbard - the Realm of the Polar Bear

The Svalbard Archipelago in the Arctic Ocean North of Norway is a unique ecosystem that is home to one of the largest Polar Bear populations in the world. The best way to see them is on an expedition ice-breaker which can take you to remote pack ice where these fearsome predators roam. This harsh environment is one of the truly unspoilt parts of the world, with countless mountains, glaciers and fjords that hardly see any human visitors.

Frozen into the remote Templefjorden in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard is probably one of the most unique hotels in the world. The Noorderlicht is a wooden Dutch schooner that is almost 100 years old. Known as 'The Ship in the Ice' it is a haven of warmth in this frozen wasteland! You can reach the Ship in The Ice by dog sled, or by snow-mobile: either way you will need an armed guide to protect you from marauding Polar Bears!